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Dominick enjoys serving the residents of the First Ward in the South End of Albany, New York and working on ways to make Albany a more desirable place in which to live.

List of all introduced and co-sponsored legislation by Dominick Calsolaro, download PDF format or download Word document.

Heat rising on oil plan

Public airs safety concerns over Port of Albany plan to heat, ship crude oil

Published on 2/13/2014 by the Times Union written by Brian Nearing

Albany: For more than three hours Wednesday, voices in the auditorium of Giffen Elementary School on South Pearl Street echoed what is a growing national debate over safety concerns brought on by a rising tide of crude oil being shipped across the county in rail cars.

Several hundred people jammed the auditorium at a hearing called by the state Department of Environmental Conservation to address growing concerns over plans by an oil terminal at the Port of Albany to begin heating the crude arriving in massive "oil trains" from the Midwest.

The hearing was meant to focus on a request by Global Companies LLC, based in Waltham, Mass., which is seeking DEC permission to build boilers at its rail yard to heat crude-laden tank cars to thin oil and make it easier to pump into storage tanks and then onto barges headed south down the Hudson River to refineries - Read more

After heated meeting, Albany County expected to move ahead with land bank

Published on 2/10/2014 by the Times Union written by Alysia Santo

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Dominick Calsolaro, a former Albany Common Council member, talks about problems he has with new legislation during a discussion by Albany County lawmakers on legislation to create a land bank, on Monday, Feb. 10, 2014 in Albany, NY. (Paul Buckowski / Times Union)

A bill that would form a land bank to combat neighborhood blight will go up for public comment and a vote during Monday night’s meeting in the Albany County Legislature.

The plan to create the Albany County Land Bank Corporation, a state-sanctioned not-for-profit that acquires properties for development from the county’s foreclosure list, was announced at a press conference Monday morning.

The intention of that event was to hold a question-and-answer session but it became a loud and emotional meeting as some community leaders expressed - Read more

State taking comment on Albany port oil heating project

Public comment being sought on facility designed to keep steady flow of crude at facility

Published on 1/21/2014 by the Times Union written by Brian Nearing

Albany: A public comment period on plans by an oil company at the Port of Albany to add a facility to heat crude oil to ease shipping during cold months will run though Jan. 31.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is still taking public comments on plans by Global Companies, a unit of Global Partners, based in Waltham, Mass., to build a 2,600-square-foot facility with up to seven massive boilers at the port's rail yard to heat crude as it is pumped out of rail cars and into storage tanks. Oil is then shipped out on barges headed downriver toward refineries on the east coast.

Global's application does not specify what kind oil would be heated, but some critics of the proposal worry it could be tar sands oil from Canada. Global already has DEC permission to ship up to 1.8 billion gallons of crude oil of any - Read more

Port plan to heat crude oil raises concerns

Published on 1/6/2014 by the Times Union written by Chris Churchill


Do I want the Keystone XL pipeline in my neighborhood? Do you want it in yours?

That isn't an entirely hypothetical question for many of us here in the Capital Region. There's a proposal afoot to move Keystone-type crude oil on trains headed to the Port of Albany, where it would be transferred and shipped to refineries.

The product would be different than the billions of gallons of crude oil, mostly from North Dakota, that already passes through the area by rail and ship. It would be heavier, thicker oil, probably from Canadian tar sands, the type that environmentalists say is especially dirty and destructive.

Well, at least that's what we think the oil would be. We're being kept in the dark.

Global Partners, the company behind the plan, has said little about the oil it intends to handle at the port and has not conceded that the - Read more

Albany policing a model to copy

Published on 1/3/2014 by the Times Union written by Terry O'Neill, Commentary

Today, the Albany Police Department is far and away ahead of any other in the state in returning law enforcement to the philosophy of community policing — so thoroughly eclipsed over the past two decades by widely influential policing tactics debuted in New York City under former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

In 1994, Giuliani and his police commissioner, Bill Bratton, introduced data-driven policing under the name CompStat. This "cops on the dots" system of deploying police manpower to areas of spiking crime has spread across the nation and beyond.

Unfortunately, this simple innovation has gone seriously astray over the years, resulting in such egregious distortions as the New York City Police Department's "stop and frisk" practice and the cooking of statistical books by NYPD precinct commanders pressed to deliver the ever downward-trending crime statistics demanded by their political masters.

"Stop and frisk" was resoundingly rejected this past year by a - Read more

DEC my request for extension to comment period on Global application

Published on 12/23/2013 written by Dominick Calsolaro

Dear Ms Gaidasz and Ms Baker:

I would like to request an extension of the comment period for at
least 30 days for the DEC response to the application by Global
Companies LLC for a Title V facility air permit for expansion of their
crude oil handling at their pass-through "Terminal".

The citizens of Albany have only recently become aware of this
application. As one of the elected officials who represent a part of
Albany's South End, where the Port of Albany is located, I was not made
aware of this proposal until I saw the Albany Planning Board's notice of
a requested action by that Board regarding the building to be
constructed to heat the petroleum product.

At the Albany Planning Board's meeting on December 19, serious concerns
were expressed about the whole project. Located immediately adjacent to
the Port is the Ezra Prentiss public housing complex. This - Read more

Albany council takes up oil-transportation safety issues

Published on 11/18/2013 by the Times Union written by Scott Waldman

ALBANY—The Albany city council will take up a resolution that expresses concern about the amount of North Dakota oil flowing through the city every day by train.

The resolution, which will be voted on Monday night, would declare that the city will investigate and discuss safety issues regarding the transportation of hazardous materials by rail, and will also assess the city's capability of responding to worst-case scenarios of spills or explosions involving crude oil, ethanol or chlorine. The resolution also calls for legal measures that would require the Port of Albany and owners of the tanker cars to pay for fire and emergency protection costs.

Councilman Dominick Calsolaro said Albany is bearing costs of preparing for an influx of rail cars bearing hazardous materials that the city, and its fire department, can't afford.

“We don't have enough materials to fight the fire,” he said.
Read more

Hospital urged to improve transit

Amid multi-million dollar expansion, protesters push for transit-centric answers

Published on 11/4/2013 by the Times Union written by Alysia Santo

A handful of protesters gathered Monday to encourage Albany Medical Center Hospital to improve public transit access for its employees and patients.

Most gathered on the public sidewalk, but 76-year-old Lucile Brewer, founder of advocacy group Citizens for Public Transit, opted to sit in her wheelchair directly outside the hospital's main entrance.

A spokesman for Albany Medical Center, Jeffrey Gordon, said they called police on Brewer after she refused to move off the hospital's property or put down her sign. When police arrived, she put the sign down and was allowed to continue sitting on the property, said Gordon, but soon after she got into a cab.

Other protesters included Albany County Legislator Douglas A. Bullock. Brewer said she took a cab to the Albany police station to ask why she could not protest on the property.

In recent months, there have been a number of public hearings - Read more

CSX Trees for Tracks Event Albany NY 09212013

Ninety-two CSX employees and their family members planted 100 trees Sept. 21 at Hoffman Park in Albany, N.Y.

Their efforts were part of CSX’s commitment to plant one tree for each mile of track in its 23-state service network by 2014.

“We travel through many Eastern communities,” said John Gaylord, Albany Division manager. “We want to make these communities safer, healthier and greener, and this is one way to do that.”

The jeffersred maples, Redmond American lindens, eastern redbuds, thornless cockspur hawthorns, Turkish hazels, Japanese zelkovas and common hackberries are expected to play an integral role in the health of the community, its residents and commuters.

“This means a lot to our city,” said Dominick Calsolaro, Albany Common councilman. “These trees will replace trees we’ve lost as a result of age, invasive species and devastating storms.”

Each day, 60,000 commuters enter Albany on Interstate 787 and Route 9W - Read more

Primary Endorsements: Albany

Published on 9/5/2013 by Metroland written by The Staff

Albany Mayor: Kathy Sheehan

The best reason to vote for Kathy Sheehan is her performance as treasurer. We wish she had been more forthcoming in the campaign with her ideas for fixing a city that has, in our opinion, been headed in the wrong direction for years; however, her competence is undeniable. Corey Ellis is a worthy candidate, but we think Sheehan is the right candidate for mayor.

Albany City Treasurer: Darius Shahinfar

This race, which pits Darius Shahinfar against longtime County Legislator Gary Domalewicz for the second most powerful office in city government, is a no-brainer. We believe Shahinfar will continue the high professional and nonpartisan standards Kathy Sheehan established as treasurer. We do not have the same confidence in Mr. Domalewicz.

Albany Common Council Ward 1: Dorcey L. Applyrs

This seat has been held by three-term incumbent Dominick Calsolaro. He - Read more

Council Member Calsolaro introduced the following:

Ordinance Number 1.11.09


(L-R) Councilman Calsolaro is joined by President Faith Takes on their recent tour.
Albany Common Council Members Barbara Smith and Dominick Calsolaro

Terror Case Bias Alleged

Albany council members call for Justice Department review of FBI prosecutions of Muslims

Published on 4/30/2010 by the Times Union written by KATIE BRANDENBURG, Hearst Newspapers

WASHINGTON -- Two Albany Common Council members on Thursday urged the Department of Justice to review terrorism cases that they say unfairly targeted Muslims.

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(L-R) Councilman Calsolaro is joined by President Faith Takes on their recent tour.
(L-R) Councilman Calsolaro is joined by President Faith Takes on their recent tour.


In an effort to connect with the students of the Capital Region on a more personal level, Albany City Common Councilman Dominick Calsolaro, along with County Legislators Wanda Willingham and Norma Chapman met with Faith Takes, President of Mildred Elley/Austin School of Spa Technology.   The campus, located on 855 Central Avenue in Albany is shared by the two colleges and is equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, clinics and student service areas for the Austin School of Spa Technology and newly renovated space designed specifically for Mildred Elley.  It allows for the staff and faculty to fuse their expertise and experiences together to share them with the students in a more efficient and effective manner. Continue reading . . .